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Maintenance with you in mind

Schedule your annual MARASUN Home Maintenance Program below.



  • Full Roof Inspection
  • Full Roof-Tune Up
  • Roof Inspection Report
  • Roof Debris Removal



"PREVENT" Program PLUS+:
  • Full Exterior Inspection
  • Exterior Inspection Report
  • Full Exterior Tune-Up:
    • seal exposed nail heads
    • reset nail pops
    • trim damaged shingles
    • seal shingles at eaves, rakes, and ridge caps
    • reseal all penetrations (including vents, pipes, stacks, and chimneys)
    • inspect problem areas
    • inspect and repair flashing as needed
    • evaluate and seal trim around windows and doors
    • ensure fasteners are secured



"PROTECT" Program PLUS+:
  • Roof Softwash
  • House Wash
  • Gutter Debris Removal

Plus even more

All of our Home Maintenace Programs give you special access to the following

  • 20% OFF "Roof Milk" Application

    Roof Milk is our soy-based asphalt shingle treatment that can extend the life of your roof for up to 15 years.

  • 10% OFF Gutter Guard Installation

    Preventative maintenance is the best maintenance indeed. We install stainless steel micromesh gutter guard systems to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning ever again.

  • Priority Emergency Storm Response

    It's not a matter of if, it's when. When a big storm causes significant roof damage and you need to protect your home from water damage, you are already on our priority list. We will have your home protected within 48 hours.

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Not interested in an annual maintenance program?

Boohoo! We are still happy to discuss a one-time service or repair.